Revolver exists to transform process, (a)rouse creators, and provide engaged audiences for narrative-based artists.



  • Commune: We nurture and develop new literary artists to help create more empathetic communities.
  • Inspire: We transform the process of creation for narrative-based artists, as well as utilize literature as an instrument to galvanize artists from non-literary disciplines by designing space for dialogues.
  • Grow: We support artists from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds by engaging and cultivating communities of creators that have not been encouraged by traditional literary organizations.
  • Sustain: We develop and enhance audiences for narrative-based art, with an eye toward growing a sustainable financial ecosystem for artists.



Revolver designs physical and digital spaces for collaborations between artists and disciplines, as well as orchestrates low-risk, high-fun methods for the public to engage in a wide spectrum of creativity that originates in the literary arts. Reading is more than consuming text; being an audience is more than bearing witness to an artist’s final product. We foster revolving, symbiotic creative environments where an artist’s process is visible and accessible, and in turn, transform the audience into creators themselves. 


Core Staff

Lara Avery - Director of Community Events

Marcus Downs - Editor

Luke Finsaas - Executive Director

Alexander Helmke - Editor

Ross Nervig - Director of Special Projects

Esther Porter - Managing Editor


Key Contributors

Tony D'Aloia - The Maker

Maggie Ryan Sandford - The Interviewer


Board of Directors

Patrick Thomas

Anitra Budd

John Kim

Dylan Hicks

Ryan Berg

Keri Kellerman