A Duel Book Release


October 29, 2016 | NORSEMAN DISTILLERY

Start working on your Halloween costumes now. We’re throwing a party to celebrate the release of two books. Two books we’re so goddam excited about it’s hard to even put it into words.

We’re partnering up with Norseman Distillery to launch the books at their joint on Saturday, October 29. No cover. Expect the usual sass, danger, unpredictability and irreverence that comes with every Revolver event. Here’s a teaser: Honky Tonk Burlesque.

See you there.

- - -

TL;DR: Cormac McCarthy meets Sega Genesis. Sunset Riders by Jesse Sawyer is a violent, hilarious, mind trip of a thing. Illustrated by Ryan Simonson, the reader follows Steve, a nihilist video game avatar, as he blasts his way through a nightmare desert where all the towns run sideways, the sun blares down from high noon, and a system is trying to erase you. 

Written by Tracy Danger Mumford and illustrated by Anne Lane, the stories in Exceptionally Bad are history in a blender set on “high.” The first line of every story is a fragment of a real life — the wild, undercover exploits of an ill-fated historical figure. Then the truth stops and the universes spin. Editor Ross Nervig crafted and dispensed these first line prompts to the author and illustrator, without revealing the figure’s true identity until the end of the project. What emerges from the madness are firecrackers of delight: wayward quintuplets, love potions, robots facing down firing squads, futuristic nuns, Solar Cats™, a man marrying a statute and more stories of exceptionally bad people and exceptionally bad behavior.