Ten artists and writers attack the same desk.* One attack per hour. Each a construction/deconstruction/reconstruction/resurrection & palimpsest. Anything goes.**

It is a place of toil: bills paid, taxes prepared. Across the desk people are hired, fired, told they have cancer. The lives of millions have been signed away on desks.

It is a place of creation: Novels and computer code have been written at desks, peace treaties have been signed. Lovers have been bent over desks, doodles have become masterpieces, bottles of whiskey have been kept in their drawers.

Paper Darts Pop-Up Storefront
3506 Nicollet Ave S. 

9-10am: Forest Lewis
10-11am: Alexa Horochowski
11am-12pm: Noah Harmon
12-1pm: Nathaniel Smith
1-2pm: Jesse Draxler
2-3pm: Scott Stulen
3-4pm: Katie Sisneros
4-5pm: Joshua Wilichowski
5-6pm: Eliezer Sotillo


*A black deskOn its top are stacks of life insurance policies, applications, tax forms, wills, subpoenas, etc. In its drawers are art supplies (paint, clay, glue, brushes, markers, pens, scissors), as well as a hacksaw, hatchet, screwdriver, drill, a hammer and nails.

**Consider the binary character of the desk.