A Revolver Project/Party in Collaboration with the Walker Art Center, Co-Presented by mnartists.org

To kick off Superscript 2015, the Walker Art Center and mnartist.org asked us to come up with a small project, something to get people talking to each other, to activate the space. We did Analogue Reddit. 

Have you ever heard, said, or read a sentence so critical, so good that you know that it'll stay with you forever? That was what we were looking for at Everyone's a Critic.

We asked folks to give us their best critical lines, and we had a bunch of typewriters where they could peck out all the critical catharsis their fingers could manage.

For folks that weren't into typing, they could read and judge other people's best critical lines. It was an Analogue Reddit. Participants were given the opportunity to give the lines the Old "+1" or "-1" and helped find the evening's very best lines—Analogue Reddit. These lines were read by an actor at the end of the night and turn into a short chapbook called ZINGERZ.


Few other things:

It was free.

The amazing DJ Rambo spun records. 

The museum booze was outrageously expensive.