The crown of Revolver's off-site AWP 2015 events, RHYTHM was a dance party driven by the written word. Writers-turned-DJs Jacquie Fuller (formerly of The Current), Josiah Titus (MN State Arts Board Grant recipient in prose), Dylan Hicks (author of Boarded Windows, Coffee House Press), Jerome fellow R. Vincent Moniz Jr., and others spun tracks prompted by lines from literature. 


Where did these sentences come from? You. Hundreds of party-goers crowded into the first floor of an historic mansion to kick it, drink Bauhaus beer and cocktails, and share their favorite "rhythmically interesting" sentences from literature on a chalkboard. The DJs were encouraged to use these sentences as prompts for the song selection. 

Example: someone gave us, "...yes I said yes I will Yes" from Ulysses. We spun "No No No" by Destiny's Child. Et cetera.


There should be more photos of RHYTHM, but everybody was too busy dancing. We think that's a good sign.