Write Fight II

Promising never to repeat themselves, Revolver did indeed repeat themselves with WRITE FIGHT II.  How could they not after the resounding success of WF I? Upping the ante, the site held online bouts between 27 writers to decide who would be the final 8 to compete under the Hennepin Bridge for Northern Spark 2014.

The group was right at home in the dim light of a single bare bulb that lit the fights. Amidst broken bottles and spent needles, de facto Revolver MC Ross Nervig whipped the crowd into a frenzy.  Everybody was glad to be under the bridge.  The skies had cracked open and dumped a record amount of rain on the festival.  The humidity was so thick, the paper the contestants typed on fell apart in their hands as they read.  Distractions ranged from the writers acting as the frame for an abstract painters canvas to an adult sized teeter totter to the inevitable dance party to cap the night.



Maggie Ryan Sanford 

Peter Stein 

Tracy Danger Mumford

Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

Keri Kellerman

David Jacobson

Zayne Turner



Brett Elizabeth Jenkins